Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. (BDOC) Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. (BDOC) Ballaarat Dog Obedience Club Inc. (BDOC)


For children over the age of 9 years and under the age of 18 years

Children aged 13 to 17 years inclusive
• may go into mainstream classes

Children aged 9 to 12 years inclusive

• May attend any session of the RDHP-C (Responsible Dog Handling Programme for Children) on a casual basis

• The training fee shall be $2 per session (or $15 per 8 weeks course if prepaid).

• Those who wish to enter mainstream classes must attend the whole 8-week course of the RDHP-C AND pass an assessment at the end of the course.

• Those who fail to pass the assessment will continue in the RDHP-C until such time that a pass is obtained.

• The RDHP-C pass for children who are club members shall include an assessment of their ability to handle a dog in a mainstream class. Should they change dogs, they will need to be reassessed with the new dog.

• Should the child, after passing the assessment, be considered by the Obedience Instructors Meeting as unsuitable to attend mainstream classes then the child will be placed in the RDHP-C until such time as they are reassessed as being suitable.

• Children (9-12 years) shall have an orange dot placed on their training badge. When eligible to attend mainstream classes, they will be issued with a new training badge without the orange dot.

Children must be at least nine years of age.
Parental / guardian supervision is required.
The child should be able to hold their dog on a lead.

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